Playing rummy games on your mobile is in a fun activity. Not only will you be able to play the game on-the-go, you’ll also be in constant touch with your game with updates and notifications. Thus, playing rummy on mobile is rapidly replacing the other gaming platforms. The excitement and fun are so much that you’ll come across certain moments while playing online rummy games that make it hard and impossible to put your mobile down. These riveting moments have you in control so much that even a moment of distraction could turn the game topsy-turvy for you.

Here are some interesting and riveting moments of the game that’s hard to let go off.

  1. The pure sequence moment

You have been successful in melding the cards and need just that one card to finish the melding of the pure sequence. It is such an intense moment that you would neither want to put your phone down or get distracted by anything else. You are on the verge of declaring and registering your win but that one card is withholding you from tasting success. In such situations, explore if you have any other workaround.

  1. The drop moment

You’re dealt with a not-so-good hand leaving you with not much scope to progress. You realize it’s a moment where you’ve to decide if you would like to continue in the game or drop. But now you are at crosswords – should you go for an initial drop or play a round or two and decide to for a middle drop if situations do not pick up. In such situations, you are so much engrossed in the game that you can’t let your mobile even for anything else. During such moments, depending on the cards at hand you’ll have to evaluate the initial drop as against a middle drop and take decisions.

  1. The joker moment

Jokers are helpful in rummy. But, what if there arises a situation where you do not have any jokers? Now, true rummy skills talk about playing your cards well without the jokers too. However, in rummy game online which is limited by time, quick decisions and swift moves are imminent. It is that moment of the game when you realize you cannot play any further without the jokers, you are all soaked up in calculating your moves and their repercussions on your prospects in the game. During such situations, you need to decide which move benefits or causes you harm – allthese in a matter of few seconds.

  1. The joyous moment

And finally, that moment which brings a smile on your face. You’ve been dealt with the cards, and you realize they are pretty favourable. And within the first couple of moves, you are able to meld all the cards along with themandatory number of sequences too. That moment when you pick the last card that completes your meld before your opponentmakes for the most joyous moment keeping you riveted to your mobile.


Playing rummy is in itself an engaging game that doesn’t let you get distracted with other things. Enjoy every moment which rummy game websites provide while playing the game.