Fans of League of Legends must have heard about the term called “ELO boosting”. League of Legends is game that’s all about complicated terms, and for a beginner, it can be a lot to remember. In this post, we will talk of ELO boosting or elo boost in detail.

What’s ELO boosting?

ELO boosting is also called MMR Boosting, where MMR stands for Match Making Rating. These are basically services where a high elo player will play for the boostee, to increase his/her game rank. The booster will ask for access to the players account, and once the goals are achieved, the player gets their access to their account again. One can continue to play or opt for another boost. There are a bunch of websites that offer such services, and it can be pretty handy. The boostee or owner of the account won’t have access to their account as the boost is on.

Why go for boosting?

Frankly speaking, not everyone is very skilled at trying League of Legends, and therefore getting a bit of help is always handy. Elo boosting allows players to unlock the end of “Season Victorious skin”, or simply beat the ranking of previous seasons. League of Legends is a competitive game, and therefore, many known players also want to outrank one another, for which elo boosting is helpful. For some, it’s about focusing on other things in life, while others are more interested in reaching a particular division. Either ways, a booster can help. With elo boosting, you can straightaway move ahead in the game.

Is this safe?

If you choose the right service, elo boosting is safe in most ways. Most of the better services use VPN, and your private details and security aspects are always protected. With that said., such services also ensure that your account isn’t hacked or sold. Always go for a known and trusted booster for ensuring the safety of your LoL account. Booster services appoint the best and professional ELO boosters, who will reduce the time required for your request. Payments for the same can be made online easily. It is also possible to watch the booster playing your game using a smurf account. Usually, you can also have access to the history of the booster playing for you.

Many services even have a members area, so that the boostee and booster can interact and communicate with each other.