With a game so focused on cooperation between five players, a chat maybe started to fall short to coordinate. The pings or being able to warn about the cooling of our skills were an important advance, but the voice chat of League of Legends promises to be a step more.

It’s a function that has been talked about a lot, with rumors circulating the network for a few years now. However, it has now been when it has finally been made available to PBE players (the test servers). Despite this, voice chat is not for any game, or at least it is not the idea they have been thinking about Riot, as with Overwatch. Voice chat will only be available for premaids, so, in a certain way, you will not have to listen to the voices of your classmates if you do not know them. You will join automatically when the group is created, although this option can be deleted.

The voice chat will include a new window during the game, next to the minimap, where we can increase or decrease the volume or silence our companions. The patch 8.5, will not include this new functionality, but from Riot they assure that we will soon see the option of the voice chat in the premade. This feature really helps you as a player, as well as Elo Boost.

Voice chat, a basic functionality

The multiplayer has been built on the voice chat between teammates. At the beginning through external programs, which still many of us keep in our computers, but increasingly there are more games that integrate it automatically. Call of Duty, one of the first multiplayer for many players, meant breaking the barrier of silence, even if it was to listen to the music of another player before silencing him. Despite this, not everyone has a microphone or prefers to play without talking to strangers. It is very common to find the “join voice chat” followed by a “no mic, sorry”, but you will never know the truth behind those words.