Video games have undergone an incredible growth period over the last 20 years. Going from a niche hobby seen as something only the stereotypical socially awkward teenager could enjoy to one of the most popular pastimes in the world in such a short time is undeniably impressive. Part of the reason for this was a jump in the quality of games in the mid 1990s. Games went from being 2D and graphically limited to boasting full 3D and appearing more realistic. It gave video games more prestige and helped them to take the same step towards being seen as legitimate art that cinema did in the 1950s.

Of course, what really skyrocketed the popularity was the introduction of online games. Originally just a genre of games purely for dedicated hobbyists, in the modern world online gaming is available for almost everyone. This has made it one of the most important aspects of new releases and video game developers are dedicated to creating the best quality online mechanics for their games as possible. So, what is likely to happen in the future for online gaming?

Competitive gaming 

With the recent introduction of esports to the gaming market it is safe to say that they are on a steady path of growth. They are gaining viewers consistently and as more competitions spring up, this is only likely to increase. One area currently behind when it comes to esports is placing wagers. While there are a large number of sportsbooks around, and online casinos are ever-present, as shows, there are not as many markets available on esports. As the exposure of competitive esports increases so will the number of markets on offer and this will likely bring in a greater number of players and viewers.

Better technology 

Technology improves at a rate almost impossible to comprehend. To use a five year old smartphone almost feels like you are using an antique, such is the speed that technology develops. Because of this there are a large number of areas that online gaming can offer improvements in. Players are likely to be immersed in much more realistic environments as time moves forward. This is something that both virtual reality and augmented reality are likely to be involved heavily with.

While both have reality in the title, they are two different concepts. Augmented reality adds video game aspects to the real world, mixing both together to create an interactive real world experience for players. Virtual reality pushes players directly into a completely new world. Both are technologies that are only just starting to find their feet, but have great potential in terms of online gaming.

A virtual reality online game has almost endless possibilities to players. It offers the potential to create almost any kind of game and truly immerse the player in it, as what the game has on offer is all the player sees. This combined with large numbers of players all at once could create a collection of the most engaging online games ever made, providing huge potential for the future of online games.