Pokemon is one of the greatest things to have come out of Japan. When Pokemon was first released, it quickly became a national phenomenon and it wasn’t long before it became a global hit. The concept of Pokemon was simple: an alternate world where instead of animals, Pokemon roamed the earth. There are gyms and cities where people train and battle their Pokemon with each other. The aim is to capture and record all the Pokemon roaming around the earth. What started off as a small story quickly turned into a bigger universe until Pokemon spread to virtually all corners of the globe.

It wasn’t long before the company began to release merchandise and other products associated with the brand with one of the greatest additions being the playing cards. Pokemon playing cards were sold in different packs and contained random cards. These cards were sold in packs of seven as well as bigger packs that contained up to twenty cards. The cards were simple; they contained pictures of the Pokemon as well as their HP and their powers. In order to attempt an attack, you would need to have specific energy cards in your deck.

A Fantastic Game

The simplicity of the game made it a very popular option for millions of people. It wasn’t long before hundreds of kids were buying packs of cards in order to get different cards to complete their collections. The bigger and more powerful the Pokemon, the rarer the card was. In fact, if you check online, you will find individual collectors selling first-generation cards for thousands of dollars on private auction websites. Many kids went in pursuit of building an entire collection and ended up spending a significant amount of money just to find rare Pokemon cards, such as Mew or Mewtwo. These were two of the rarest cards and only a handful were ever released so owning one drastically increases the value of your deck.

Completing Your Collection

If you want to complete your collection today, you can purchase the playing cards from a variety of sources. In the beginning, there were only 151 Pokemon and only one region had been explored by the developers. Today, there are more than 800 Pokemon so you can easily build an entire collection.

Before you buy a random card pack, make sure that you take a look at what’s written on the top. Some card packs contain Pokemon of a specific type of energy while others contain Pokemon that are limited to specific regions. You can check online for different companies that sell Pokemon cards. It’s a great hobby for people who are fans of the Japanese franchise and it doesn’t even cost a great deal of money. You can buy these card packs in bulk quantities as well, especially if you have a bit of money to spare. Make sure that you only buy original card packs from a reputable source to avoid the chances of getting fakes.