Recently, a monster movie came out by the name Rampage starring Dwyane Johnson and a cast of super enhanced monster Gorilla, Wolf and Crocodile. But, if you are a video game lover who grew up in the 80s or 90s, you may have come across the old school game – Rampage. If you loved the game back then, you would love the movie as well. With engaging graphics and nail biting action, the movie does give you the chills the game was not able to do back in its day.

Rampage is a video game that came out in 1986 and was developed by Bally Midway. What is different from the movie is that the players get to control the monsters and take out entire cities in each level. Up to three players can play this game simultaneously who control the gigantic monsters that were humans. The game’s protagonists are George, the Gorilla (like in the movie), Lizzie, the Godzilla like lizard, and Ralph the giant wolf. The movie has the same characters too!

As monsters, they need to raze the buildings on their path to advance to the next level. Well, not just buildings, you get to kill and eat people, destroy helicopters, tanks, taxis and everything else you would find in a busy high rise city. The monsters climb buildings and punch them to rubble on their way down and as you advance, you need to collect food items to keep going.

The characters face attacks from enemy bullets, tanks, sticks of dynamite, punches from other monsters and even fall off the buildings. Damage is recovered by eating fruit, roast chicken or even soldiers. The funny part of the game is that if the monster takes too much damage, it reverts back to its human form – well, a naked guy comes on screen who covers his privates with his hands and sheepishly walks away sideways into the screen. Worst part is, he can end up getting eaten by another monster in this state.

Smashing open windows often leads to discovery of items of interest or persons which may be helpful or harmful. Helpful items can be food while harmful items can be bombs, electrical appliances etc. For example, if you find a toaster, wait for the bread to pop out before grabbing it. Or if you see a photographer, eat him up or he might click a picture and make you fall off the building from the flash. Points are gained at regular pace. For example, if you grab a civilian waving for help, the player’s points increase rapidly. However, each monster can only grab certain kinds of people – George can hold women, Lizzie can grab old people and Ralph can catch hold of businessmen.

The game is set over 128 days in North America starting at Peoria, Illinois and ends in Plano, Illinois. The cycle repeats for 5 more times and at the end of 768 days, it gets reset to Day 1. Back in the 80s, the game was a financial success as it was first of its kind.

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