We can just not get enough of the Age of Gods series online slots, and thankfully there is more to come! Yes, as a nice early Christmas present we have another Age of the Gods slot game coming our way. Unfortunately, we do not know the details of this new game, but if it’s anything like the others we are sure it will be an epic game!

Age of the Gods series was first announced in early 2016 which got everybody drooling over the pending games which is based on the Greek mythology. Playtech, who produced the games promised exciting and brilliant graphical game which will have life changing jackpots. And they were right! Every title within the series has four jackpots connected to them and as more bets are placed on the games the jackpot keeps adding up. The good news is, every spin has the ability to trigger a bonus jackpot round which could potentially mean a very big win.

The game originally was set around the most prestigious gods, with Zeus, Hercules, Athena and Poseidon the main game characters. Since then we have seen permutations of the game which are sometimes based around a particular god or product e.g. live roulette. We were a little bit dubious as we were not sure how different each game would be, however Playtech have nailed every single game and they have managed to provide a new style of play and game element.

If you are looking to reap the many rewards the series of games have to offer, then it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for the new instalment. We can assume that the game will be popular with many slot players and that means the jackpot should be sky high! Its also worth having a look at the timeline produced by online slots site bgo and check any Age of the Gods slot games you might not have played.